About Me

Image of Rebecca Rees- About me

Hi everyone!

My name is Rebecca, and welcome to my blog, Strong as a Girl!

I work as a registered Chiropractor in Bristol, UK where I see people from all walks of life- sports enthusiasts, pregnant women, mums of two, and those about to retire.

But by far the most common reason behind their complaint is a lack of strength, particularly amongst women of all ages. It’s amazing how important our muscles are…they help support our backs, they stop our knees from aching, they stop us from slouching…..but if we don’t train them they can’t do their job properly. I’m lucky, I’ve always enjoyed exercise. But when I was younger most of my exercise was all cardio based- running, spinning classes, cross trainer. It wasn’t until I started training as a Chiropractor myself that I began to introduce resistance training regularly into my routine and saw the HUGE benefits it can bring!

That’s why I set up Strong as a girl! I’ve seen in myself, and in many women I work with, how resistance training can have such a huge impact on your health and fitness. It can make you able to run a half marathon without your knees aching, it can reduce your pelvic pain during pregnancy, it can help imrove your mobility with arthirits….the list is endless. As a women, it is EVEN MORE important for us as our body goes through such big changes in a lifetime- periods, pregnancy, post natal, menopause.

My passion is to help educate women about the benefits resistance training for them, and encourage them to get started on that journey. On this page, I hope you will be able to find everything you need to get started with resistance training, from information on training at all stages of life, to beginners programmes you can print off yourself at home.